Datel's Research and Development team creates concepts for the most innovative gaming products on the market.

Highly skilled programmers, designers, reverse engineers and semiconductor analysts get to the heart of the latest technologies.

Programmers and hardware designers work together to deliver cutting-edge products to gamers around the globe.

Datel's products aren't licensed by console manufacturers, making the task of developing them that much harder. By using our own in-house software and hardware tools, Datel can overcome this and quickly bring innovative products to market.

Today's consoles require complex solutions, and Datel's R&D team has risen to the challenge by developing our market-leading products to utilise these cutting-edge technologies

When Sony's PlayStation became the first mass market games console to use CD media, Datel was the first company in the world to produce its own hybrid disc for use with the platform. Likewise, Datel produced the only independently developed controllers and memory cards for the Xbox 360.

Datel pioneered online connectivity in the video game enhancer market and make extensive use of this technologies in the current generation of products. No longer must gamers type out codes by hand; Action Replay products currently connect to the Codejunkies servers giving gamers instant access to codes and saves instantly.