Want to work at Datel?

This is where we advertise all current Datel vacancies, both at our UK office in Stone, Staffordshire and our American site in Clearwater, Florida.

As a young, dynamic team, Datel is a hot bed of free thinking, resulting in our position as a market leader for innovative, original products.

Datel recruits only the most enthusiastic and motivated staff to join our team, resulting in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere conducive to productivity and enjoyment. Datel is a team environment that recognises individual achievement.

Current positions available

Datel UK (Staffordshire)

  • Lab Technicians

    We currently require Technicians for our reverse engineering laboratory

    Ideally suited to engineers with Material Sciences or Failure Analysis experience in the Semi Conductor industry.

    Experience of Imaging, sample preparation, FIB, SEM and polishing are an advantage.

    Knowledge of semi conductor fabrication and circuit layout would be useful to assist in circuit examination and reversal procedures.

    Salaries in the region of $60k to $85k depending upon experience.

    Initially, please contact Mike Connors

Datel USA (Florida)

There are no positions currently available – please check back later.