Visited by 500,000 unique visitors every month, Codejunkies is one of the most established cheat code sites on the internet. is Datel’s consumer site, where we provide content including cheat codes and saves for our range of game-enhancers.

Gamers can also use the site to buy the full range of Datel products, get support for their existing products and hear about upcoming developments in the gaming world.

Constantly-updated codes and saves keep gamers coming back. owes its popularity to the dedicated team of cheat code developers who work full-time to create brand-new codes and saves for the latest games as soon as they are released.

Datel's in-house team create all the cheat codes used in our products. Gamers trust Datel and know that is updated with brand new codes and saves which keep them happy and their products up to date.

Cutting-edge server technology delivers content in milliseconds

Gamers looking for codes like Infinite Lives, Infinite Health, Disable AI, Moon Gravity, Every Level Open and more for their favourite games can search's huge collection in seconds thanks to the latest databases and server technology.

Not only do the Codejunkies servers deliver content to gamers through the front-end website, they are also the powerhouse behind our current generation of truly online-enabled game enhancers delivering content directly to consoles and PC based applications.

Interactive features within many Datel products mean a whole community is built upon Codejunkies technology.

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